Frans Officer


Frans Officer has lived in the woods of Bloomington, MN since 1967. Smitten by L. Martagon since 1987, he has grown well over 150 different martagon species, named hybrids and seedlings. He admits to being a passionate pollen-dabber and has registered ’Sassy Sandy’ and ‘Fallen Angel’ with the RHS, as well as others pending.

Frans thinks seed-exchanges are amazing, and is a member the North Star Lily Society and the North American Lily Society. He is the Originator of the “Martagon CD”, available for free viewing on the North American Lily Society resources page. Frans also enjoys photography and plays golf.

Frans Officer's Presentation Shoot That Lily! Part 1; Ever wonder how Frans seems to capture the essence of a lily in a photograph? Frans will present his tips and techniques. Then YOU spend the rest of the day practicing with your camera to be ready for Part 2.

Frans Officer's Presentation Shoot That Lily! Part 2; Weather permitting, you will take a walk with Frans for a hands-on approach to taking portraits of flowers and plants. Don’t forget to share the photographs you took after the Part 1 session to gain important advice.

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